A ELESDOPA International brings together qualified specialists from the construction and science sectors to create innovative ELESDOPA© solutions of outstanding quality. Innovation, creativity and outstanding technical skills to plan, design and construct civil engineering structures ready to meet challenges of growing population; infrastructure, pollution, sustainability, urbanization and increasing energy demand. ELESDOPA© innovating thinking help solve the challenges of the future. Our goal is a high quality living environment designed to be sustainable.

Prudent thinking while applying our innovative ELESDOPA© techniques and highly professional conduct on a sustained basis are our vission to build high quality solutions. Our goal is to use the talented ideas to inspire a work in partnership with visionary individuals, schools universities business and government in the share vision of delivering a better environmental future.

ELESDOPA© consistently strive to ensure that its innovative techniques accomplish all the standards and regulations for planning and construction in Europe.

ELESDOPA International requires its members to act responsibly and in an ethically correct conduct. It promotes ethically correct manners in which fair competition and intellectual property are respected by all members involved in ELESDOPA© projects.


ELESDOPA President.

Dr Manuel Rojas Fernández-Fígares. President of ELESDOPA.

Doctorate Civil Engineering, Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Tecnical Department.

Francisco Vílchez Cuesta. Tecnical Department Director.

Civil Engineer, University of Granada.

Commertial Department.

Jaime Suso Fernández- Fígares. Commertial Department Director.

Law Degree, University of Granada


Financial Department.

Ignacio Suso Sánchez. Financial Department.

Law Degree, University of Granada


ELESDOPA Delegation in Switzerland

Margarita Rojas Jiménez Elesdopa Delegate in Switzerland and Central Europe.

Masters in Physics, University of Granada


Laurens Van Kessenich Elesdopa Delegate in Switzerland and Central Europe.

Masters in Physics, ETH Zürich.


ELESDOPA Delegation in Germany

Andreas Rabaza Elesdopa Delegate in Germany


ELESDOPA Delegation in Mexico, North America.

Jose Ignacio Cuesta. Elesdopa Delegate in Mexico, North America.

Civil Engineer


ELESDOPA Delegation in Morocco, Africa.

Ilham Oulahrir. Elesdopa Delegate in Morocco, Africa.

Civil Engineer


ELESDOPA Sales Managers.

ELESDOPA Partner Companies.

Architectural Studio Elisa Valero