ELESDOPA© brings Outstanding Technical Advantages to Your Buildings.

  • ELESDOPA patent is an innovative way to build walls consisting of two reinforced concrete wall-elements separated by a support and joined by connectors.
  • To achieve this, first, the support (usually expanded polystyrene) is shaped into the desired form. The connectors are inserted into the support and steel reinforcements are attached on both sides of the support. Finally the concrete is shot at both sides of the support.
  • In this construction method, the concept of "formwork" disappears and is replaced by the concept of "support". The support gives the shape and dimensions of the wall. Additionally it can serve other purposes: e.g. insulation, container of wiring and/or pipe systems.
  • ELESDOPA achieves better mechanical characteristics (higher moments of inertia) as compared to traditional concrete walls. Furthermore great freedom of design is obtained as the support is easily shaped. ELESDOPA promotes the use of curved walls which also have better inertia properties. Read more.